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Platform 24x7 is a professional website design company in Aurangabad. My name is Swapnil Ranveer, I am a professional website designer. I founded this website design company to help businesses and people stand out online by designing professional website for them.
The main purpose of Platform 24x7 is to provide a professional website design at affordable price, so every business and person could have their own professional website.

I Design and Build Websites


Swapnil Ranveer

I am a professional website designer with over 5+ years of experience in website designing and development, currently living in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. I have done more than 30+ various kinds of website designing projects since 2022.
I am specialized in designing professional websites for schools, colleges, coaching classes, academic institutions, agencies, dance/music/sports classes, clinics, hospitals, cafes, hotels, restaurants, beauty and hair salons, film festivals, etc. businesses.
I am also an expert in designing personal portfolio websites for fashion models, actors, celebrities, artists, photographers, influencers and content creators, etc. people.

If you need a professional website for your business or a portfolio website yourself, feel free to contact me!

Why your business needs a website?

A good updated website counts in a world that's constantly online!

The world is slowly moving towards more online communication. Make sure your business doesn’t fall behind.

A few reasons why an updated website is important:

Want to see the websites that I have designed?

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School multi-page news articles like website

School single page website

My Workflow


My charges for designing a website depend upon the complexity of the website design. One thing I guarantee you is that you will get a professional website at a budget-friendly cost from me.

My simple website design projects start from ₹ 8,000 INR ($96 USD) and professional website design projects start from ₹ 15,000 INR ($181 USD).

The final price depends on your needs and wants, the website design, and the functionality.

  • Your business logo.
  • Any brochure, info card, or visiting card of your business from where I can get the text content for your website.
  • Picture Content, the pictures you want to put on your website.

If you want a one-page very basic website, it can be done in 2-4 days but a multiple-page professional website needs approximately 1-2 weeks to get done. This mainly depends on the different revision rounds that we have to go through to get the best professional result for your website.